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  How To Do Soil Sampling?
(Step by Step Guide)

Credits - e-Crop Doctors (Smart Solutions)

Tools Required

 Before collecting soil samples, you will need to gather certain materials and tools: 


  1. A soil probe 

  2. A clean plastic bucket 

  3. A trowel 

  4. Permanent markers 

  5. Sample bags. Many soil testing laboratories will provide wax-lined sample bags. In lieu of laboratory-provided bags, consider using paper bags or zip-top bags. 

  6. Clipboard and paper or field notebook 

  7. GPS-enabled smartphone or handheld GPS unit (optional)

Step 1: Soil Collection

Remove the surface grass and litter at the sampling spot. For 1 acre of land, you can take 10-15 sub-samples. Use the auger to a plow depth of 10-15 cm and take out the soil. Collect 10-15 samples for an acre of land from various spots in a grid format.

Step 2 : Soil Sampling

Spread the collected samples in a newspaper. Mix the samples thoroughly and remove all the foreign materials like roots, stone, pebbles, and gravel. Divide the sample into four quadrants and remove the two diagonal quadrants. Mix the two left quadrants thoroughly. Repeat the process until you are left with an almost 500-gram sample.

Step 3 : Soil Labelling

The most common problems encountered are improper packaging and incorrect sample volume.  Improperly packaged samples can lead to container opening during shipment, cross-contamination of samples, or total loss of sample content.   Collect the sample in a clean cloth or polythene bag. Make sure the bag is air tight and double the bag to the extra safely of the sample.

Step 4 : Soil Packaging

Label the bag with the following information:

  • Soil number

  • Name of the farmer

  • Location of the farm

  • Survey number

Rest other information like previous crop, next crop, date of collection and other details can be filled up in the form.

Step 5 : Parceling

Place the sample inside a carton box or an airtight zipper bag. Ensure that the label is intact. Send the soil sample using your nearest speed post of India post service.

Step 6 : Form Filling

Once you have shipped the sample, you need to come back to the website to fillup the form with all the details mentioned. This will help us to help you with the timely and accurate delivery of reports and recommendations specific to your crop.

Step 7 : Safe Payment

Once we receive the soil samples, we shall initiate a safe payment option for you via Paytm, PhonePe, google pay, and BHIM as per your convenience. Someone from our team will get in touch with you regarding the same. So relax until we receive your samples.

    Soil Sampling?

(Step by Step Guide)

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